“Analytical thinking is often the least developed skill of many executive level and middle managers. The speed of change that characterises the majority of modern businesses is generally maintained at the expense of ‘reflection’.  Finally, however, with the publication of ‘Analysis without Paralysis’, there is a comprehensive guide to some of the most valuable analytical tools available, written in such a way to be operationally appropriate to busy managers.  As a specialist analyst and corporate strategy adviser, I would encourage all my clients to include this book on the shelf. At best, it will enable them to gain a better understanding of their position within the competitive environment. At least, it will give them an understanding of the importance of robust data analysis to the development of successful strategy. Either way, they win!”

James Davis

Managing Partner, Leighton Davis & Partners - Perth, Western Australia

“Analysis without Paralysis” will greatly assist business people everywhere understand some very useful analytical tools, by turning complicated analytical processes into simple steps to easily follow.  The pros and cons of each tool are compared so that readers of this book are able to leverage the advantages of each technique, while knowing its limits.  The book is popularly used as a professional guidebook for new analysts in our company as well as a training manual for our clients due to the obvious productivity it brings.

Neil Wang, Ph.D.

General Manager, Frost & Sullivan, China

“When I picked up this book, I thought here is another management tool book. However, after reading a few pages, I found this book to be a practical guide for students and practitioners of various aspects of management, particularly  management consultants and strategists. The case studies and graphic representations give a very real flavour to the tools and techniques discussed. This book is both a textbook and an operational manual of management techniques.”

SK Sharma IPS (Retd.)

Former Director General National Crime Records Bureau, Government of India

“The latest book by Babette Bensoussan and Craig Fleisher “Analysis without Paralysis” is not only a practical book but a very clear and fresh review of known and lesser known analysis tools and techniques used in competitive analysis. It’s of prompt use and application. Using it, it’s very easy to have other people on your same page when working on a project. Colleagues at different functions in your company may adopt it and share this common basis for enhancing their approach to competitive analysis.  Useful for me and for everybody!”

Milena Motta

Managing Director, Strategie & Innovazione, Milan, Italy

“In this book, Bensoussan and Fleisher manage to demystify the basics of strategic analysis. This is an all-in-one guide to making strategic decisions within your organisation, regardless of the role you play. A useful, relevant and practical read.”

Andrea Ferreira

Department of Information & Knowledge Management , Faculty of Management, University of Johannesburg, South Africa

“Babette Bensoussan and Craig Fleisher’s title, ‘Analysis without Paralysis’ fills an existing void in the business management books of today. It clearly demystifies “analysis” in business through its range of chosen tools to make better decisions. This is in contrast to today’s vogue of analysis paralysis. The book refreshingly educates business decision makers from any discipline – finance, marketing, strategy, sales to name but a few, in an easy to digest format. Previous business titles have focused on the history of the tools, not on today’s application. Others have failed to grasp the issue that not every market related business issue requires a round peg solution; this does. Others have failed to grasp the essence of analysis and therefore lost the readers in the bigger picture. This does not.  Others fail to treat the simple issues in plain English. Its plain talking, dejargoned approach is one of its many endearing features.  Babette and Craig’s latest cook book approach offers both new and hardened decision makers a fresh look at analysis in business that can be followed in a step by step fashion; simple case study illustrations provide the reader the security of having got to the same end state as others to make better decisions for winning futures. They provide clarity around taking the issue from so what to what’s next. As the title states, analysis without paralysis.”

Andrew Beurschgens

Business Market Intelligence Manager, Orange Business Services, Bristol, U.K.

Business and Competitive Analysis

“Business and Competitive Analysis should be part of every CI practitioner’s professional library. The methods presented provide valuable guidance to all levels, from novice to expert. The latest edition contains key updates, including new methods, updated case studies and applications, and a guide to help analysts choose the proper method from among the many presented in the text.”

Timothy J. Kindler

Associate Director, Competitive Intelligence, Ernst & Young LLP and Former SCIP President, USA

Craig Fleisher and Babette Bensoussan’s second edition of the best-selling Business and Competitive Analysis raises the bar once again in the definitive ‘how to’ must-have texts for any business executive undertaking competitive analysis in a continually changing commercial environment. New stand-out features in this edition provide strong directional guidance to all seasoned and beginning executives, including how the questions that executives pose relate to the appropriate analytical technique, some new frameworks like the Actionable SWOT and Blended Industry Analysis, up-to-date examples of 24 techniques to use in order to confidently position that approach, walk-through worksheets, as well as authoritative context outlining all facets to ensure that the analysis lands successfully and the business takes action. The tried-and-tested FAROUT methodology again helps readers work out which of the techniques to apply first given their own unique position, and continues to provide that development framework to seek out opportunities to apply the rest. The combination of new and existing features continues to ensure that the text will never be far from a business’s problems, their analyses, and proposed recommendations. Like the previous authoritative titles from Fleisher and Bensoussan, without comparison, this second edition will become the next most sought-after instalment in defining competitive analysis’ role and value for business executives in a continually changing environment.”

Andrew Beurschgens

Head of Market and Competitive Intelligence, Everything Everywhere (EE) Ltd., UK

In this second edition, a great book gets even better. The inclusion of business case studies, sample intelligence questions for each analysis technique, and worksheets could make this the only book beginning and experienced business practitioners need to improve the depth and relevance of their analyses. Even a quick skim through this book provides inspiration for new ways to think about and structure one’s analysis.”

Bill Fiora

Principal, CSC Research Network (Computer Sciences Corporation), USA

I was impressed with the clarity, insight, and rigor contained in the first edition of this text. This second edition confirms Fleisher and Bensoussan’s position as #1 experts in the field of competitive analysis with updated chapters, new methods, direct links to key questions typically faced by decision makers, and the addition of worksheets to aid the application of concepts to real situations. Once again, they have produced the means, and set the standards, for practitioners to achieve excellence in the analysis task. I would not consider the outcome of a decision-making process without being assured that the methods contained in this text had been consulted.”

Dr. Sheila Wright

Director, Strategic Partnerships Ltd., UK, and Former Editor, Journal of CI and Management

MBA students in both my Competitive Intelligence and Marketing Strategy courses have benefited for years from the first edition of Business and Competitive Analysis. This second edition builds on the solid foundation of the first edition by adding new business analysis methods and new case examples that demonstrate when, why, and how each of the diverse techniques can be effectively utilized as inputs to strategic decision making. Each method is linked to typical questions that executives ask, and the inclusion of worksheets facilitates the analytical methods being tailored to an individual organization’s particular situation. This book is a comprehensive compilation of which methods to use, why, how, and communicating the results to the appropriate stakeholders.”

Dr. David L. Blenkhorn

Professor of Marketing, Wilfrid Laurier University, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada

“Baruch’s Law reminds us that, ‘when all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail,’ a condition describing the single most difficult challenge facing both business analysts and consultants, novice and veteran alike. In 2003, Fleisher and Bensoussan delivered what all leading intelligence thinkers agree was THE definitive guide to analytics and interpretation for the first half-decade of the new millennium. With their latest collaboration, this expert duo has defined the second-half of this decade as one guided by knowing the tools appropriate for the cognitive task at hand while expanding the toolkit available to be even more complete, valuable, and useful through the actionable detailing of 24 all-new techniques. Plus, the unique FAROUT approach to tool selection equips analysts to quickly and easily apply the right techniques more reliably and scientifically to the range of outcomes anticipated in every business-decision support situation.”

Arik Johnson

Managing Director, Aurora WDC, USA

“The realm of competitive intelligence has, in recent years, benefited from a profusion of books, handbooks, and essays, most of which deal with issues in intelligence collection: emerging techniques and technologies and general overviews of the business intelligence discipline. Fleisher and Bensoussan offer a choice of analytical models destined to narrow corporate course charting uncertainties and present a convincing case for matching science and art in the analysis process. This new book is an important addition to the definitive professional library on the art and science of business intelligence.”

Michael Belkine

Managing Director, Splendour Ltd, Israel

“Having been involved in information analysis and strategic information support to companies for many years, I found this book very helpful and full of insights addressed not only to the newcomer, but also to an experienced person. The in-depth review of each analysis technique actually brings new ways of looking at problems: Information analysis becomes an instrument in the hands of a thinking person; it’s not an academic exercise or just a conceptual framework. Furthermore, in my experience usually some of the analysis techniques are known and used almost only by people working in a few functions inside a company. This book enters you in a fascinating multi-stage and multi-face analysis world: Everyone needs a way of organizing thoughts, and here you can find what you require to perform a good analysis and give insightful meanings to the information you manage, wherever you work in your company, whatever the problem you face is. Every day everyone needs to analyze information to understand phenomena and then act to achieve the best performance: hence you need to keep this book on your desk.”

Milena Motta

Managing Director, Strategie & Innovazione, Italy

“There are very few books I recommend as a must-read to the managers who come to us from all over the world for professional training in competitive intelligence. Porter, Fuld, Gilad (of course), and Fleisher and Bensoussan.”

Dr. Benjamin Gilad

President, The Fuld-Gilad-Herring Academy of Competitive Intelligence, USA

“At last a comprehensive manual of tools and techniques for the business and competitive analysis professional! Fleisher and Bensoussan’s second collaborative work builds beautifully on their first. It provides the specific guidance desperately needed by company analysts to ensure that decision makers receive the right information at the right time to make the right decisions.”

Kirk W. M. Tyson

CEO, Perpetual Strategist Ltd., Chicago, USA