Win/Loss Analysis


What is Win/Loss Analysis:

Win/Loss Analysis (WLA) is a cost-effective, insightful, and ethical method for gathering and analyzing information about your market, customers, and competitors. WLA identifies your customer’s perceptions of specific sales situations and how you compare to your competitors. It provides a window as to why a customer is buying or not buying your products and/or services.

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The analysis provides information about the performance of both your firm and your competitors. This information can then be actively used to focus sales staff more effectively in the marketplace and also to inform research and development of products.

 The purpose of Win/Loss Analysis:

Win/Loss Analysis helps answer and address key topics and questions such as:

  • What were the reasons we lost the last sales competition/tender? Was our RFP response as effective as it could have been?
  • Are our prices truly non-competitive with our rivals as some people (including a few of our sales staff) have indicated? Or are other factors impacting client retention decisions?
  • How/why can a top rival keep beating us on bids for regional clients?
  • Are there opportunities to gain clients that we are not capitalizing on?
  • What operational changes do we need to make to better satisfy existing clients?
  • What changes can we make that will best empower our sales force in their dai!y efforts to win customers out in the field?

What is included in the Win/Loss Analysis PDF:

  • Background about the origin of Win/Loss Analysis
  • Strategic rationale and implications of Win/Loss Analysis
  • Key topics and questions addressed by Win/Loss Analysis
  • Strengths and advantages of Win/Loss Analysis
  • Weaknesses and limitations of Win/Loss Analysis
  • A step by step process for applying the Win/Loss Analysis Technique
  • Win/Loss Analysis Case Study: Email Marketing Solutions
  • Win/Loss Analysis Worksheet
  • FAROUT© Summary about Win/Loss Analysis
  • Related Tools and Techniques
  • References


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