Performing the Analysis Process


Analysis is, arguably, the most important process underlying how decision makers make sense of their competitive and strategic environment. For analysis to achieve its aims and potential, analysts must be cognizant of this and appreciate how they can best contribute to meeting the organization’s needs.

This paper looks at the key success factors of performing business and competitive analysis well.  It is designed to help analysts better understand their tasks, their customers, the impact of their output, and the relationships they must build in order to get the job done.

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Due to their unique importance as part of the larger sense-making process, we discuss common analytical pitfalls in our paper “Avoiding Analytical Pitfalls,” and how to communicate analysis results in our paper, “Communicating Analysis Results.”

Areas addressed in this paper include:

  • Defining the analysis problem
  • Identifying the scope of the analysis
    • Competitors
    • Environment
    • Technology
    • Decision Location and Decision Maker
  • Intelligence analysis at differing organizational levels
  • Evaluating the inputs to analysis
  • Making sense of the analysis
  • Infrastructure to support the analysis process

And finally we provide our 10 Commandments for Business and Competitive Analysis.


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