Industry Fusion Analysis


What is Industry Fusion Analysis:

Industry Fusion Analysis combines macro-environmental analysis with industry analysis and demonstrates the unique creativity that is part of the world of business and competitive analysis.

Organizations and the industries in which they operate are embedded in a broad environment, which can significantly impact the competitiveness of both industries and organizations.

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The starting point then of any strategic analysis is some form of environmental analysis—generally STEEP/PEST analysis—followed by Industry Analysis, taught in business schools as Porter’s Five Forces, which together provide a structural framework outlining an industry and a unique and perhaps more holistic perspective on a firm’s competitiveness.

Uniting these two techniques creates a powerful framework for not only identifying the forces operating in a particular industry, but also the impact of environmental factors on these very forces. Combining these two techniques provides a broader, more dynamic and actionable approach to business and competitive analysis. We call the technique Industry Fusion Analysis.

The purpose of Industry Fusion Analysis:

Industry Fusion Analysis helps answer and address key topics and questions such as:

  • Is the industry an attractive one for us to enter or to remain in?
  • Can a company make profits in the industry?
  • What strategies lead to profitability in the industry? Will these still work in five years? Why/why not?
  • What are the forces impacting competition—now and in the future?
  • Can our company influence the industry forces that are reducing our profits?
  • Which of the external issues impacting our industry will have the greatest impact on our profitability in three to five years?

What is included in the Industry Fusion Analysis PDF:

  • Background about the origin of Industry Fusion Analysis
  • Strategic rationale and implications of Industry Fusion Analysis
  • Key topics and questions addressed by Industry Fusion Analysis
  • Strengths and advantages of Industry Fusion Analysis
  • Weaknesses and limitations of Industry Fusion Analysis
  • A step by step process for applying the Industry Fusion Technique
  • Industry Fusion Analysis Case Study: Crude Oil Refining
  • Industry Fusion Worksheet
  • FAROUT© Summary about Industry Fusion Analysis
  • Related Tools and Techniques
  • References


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