Driving Forces Analysis


What is Driving Forces Analysis:

Driving Forces Analysis (DFA) is a way of understanding and accounting for change at the industry level. “Drivers” are clusters of trends that create influences on changes to an industry’s structure and a rival’s competitive behaviour.

The term force refers to the broad cluster of events, situations, and/or trends that impact the firm’s future. Driving Forces are those significant, underlying “currents” that define and drive events and trends in certain directions. These forces are typically quite broad in scope, long-term in nature, and associated with some degree of uncertainty as to their evolution.

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The purpose of Driving Forces Analysis:

Driving Forces Analysis helps answer and address key topics and questions such as:

  • What major factors are promoting global growth in (fill in the industry)?
  • Are there factors likely to dramatically strengthen, or weaken, in the next five years?
  • How are the driving forces changing the face of competition in our industry? Are the driving forces making industry competition more fierce, or less so?
  • What factor(s) might upset the “growth” pattern being experienced? How is demand changing?
  • Which of the industry drivers are influence-able by a single company? The industry as a whole?
  • In what segments of the environment do we need to be focused on most for long term monitoring activity?

What is included in the Driving Forces Analysis PDF:

  • Background about the origin of Driving Forces Analysis
  • Strategic rationale and implications of Driving Forces Analysis
  • Key topics and questions addressed by Driving Forces Analysis
  • Strengths and advantages of Driving Forces Analysis
  • Weaknesses and limitations of Driving Forces Analysis
  • A step by step process for applying the Driving Forces Technique
  • Driving Forces Analysis Case Study: The Digital Music Industry
  • Driving Forces Worksheet
  • FAROUT© Summary about Driving Forces Analysis
  • Related Tools and Techniques
  • References


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