Critical Success Factors Analysis


What is Critical Success Factors Analysis:

Identifying Critical Success Factors (CSFs) is a valuable and necessary part of strategy development.  Critical success factors are the few things that must go well to ensure success for a manager or an organization and, therefore, they represent those managerial or firm areas that must be given special and continual attention to bring about high performance.  The CSFs concept emphasizes the importance of ongoing industry monitoring. The CSFs method helps the analyst identify the key factors that have to be performed well in order to achieve a superior level of competitive performance in an industry.

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The purpose of Critical Success Factors Analysis:

Critical Success Factors Analysis helps answer and address key topics and questions such as:

  • Why is it that the top rival continues to add market share in our industry?
  • What three to five processes do we need to be best at to win share and grow profits?
  • Are we building the right competences for market leadership? Where are our gaps?
  • What resources does the market leader have that we need to close the gap on?
  • Are we investing effectively and efficiently in the right forms of human, informational, and reputation capital?
  • How is our industry changing in terms of meeting future customer needs? Will we be able to meet them better than other providers?

What is included in the Critical Success Factors Analysis PDF: 

  • Background about the origin of Critical Success Factors Analysis
  • Strategic rationale and implications of Critical Success Factors Analysis
  • Key topics and questions addressed by Critical Success Factors Analysis
  • Strengths and advantages of Critical Success Factors Analysis
  • Weaknesses and limitations of Critical Success Factors Analysis
  • A step by step process for applying the Critical Success Factors Technique
  • Critical Success Factors Analysis Case Study: Fresh Farm Produce
  • Critical Success Factors Worksheet
  • FAROUT© Summary about Critical Success Factors Analysis
  • Related Tools and Techniques
  • References


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