Competitive Positioning Analysis


What is Competitive Positioning Analysis:

Competitive Positioning Analysis is conducted to enable a firm to make strategic plans in relation to its current competitive position: These may be to preserve an advantage, attempt an improvement, or withdraw from a market. The analysis assesses market share, client perception of products and service, current marketing strategies, prices, and costs. It also provides information about the relative market positions and strengths and weaknesses of a firm’s competitors. The process identifies opportunities; correspondingly, it also points to strategies to exploit these opportunities in an industry or market.

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The purpose of Competitive Positioning Analysis:

Competitive Positioning Analysis helps answer and address key topics and questions such as:

  • What are the chief elements of the rival company’s strategy? How good is the strategy? How well is the company performing from a strategic perspective?
  • Where does the rival have vulnerabilities that might be exploited by our company in the marketplace?
  • Does the rival company have any blind spots? What are the experiential and industry backgrounds of its key executives?
  • What are the competing company’s strategic and financial goals? Are they achievable?
  • Does our company hold a competitive advantage over Rival 1? Rival 2? Rival n? If so, what is the nature and source of our competitive advantage? Can it be trumped?
  • What major strategic moves will the rival make next? Why? When? Where? How? With whom?

What is included in the Competitive Positioning Analysis PDF:

  • Background about the origin of Competitive Positioning Analysis
  • Strategic rationale and implications of Competitive Positioning Analysis
  • Key topics and questions addressed by Competitive Positioning Analysis
  • Strengths and advantages of Competitive Positioning Analysis
  • Weaknesses and limitations of Competitive Positioning Analysis
  • A step by step process for applying the Competitive Positioning Technique
  • Competitive Positioning Analysis Case Study: Financial Services
  • Competitive Positioning Worksheet
  • FAROUT© Summary about Competitive Positioning Analysis
  • Related Tools and Techniques
  • References


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