Avoiding Analysis Pitfalls


This paper illustrates the common barriers or obstacles to business and competitive analysis effectiveness in enterprises today. Analysis of failure is an elusive concept, and research of analysts about their understanding and experiences of these terms have produced little, if any, consensus.

When analysis is ineffective, both the analyst and the decision maker often don’t recognize it in time and frequently cannot identify the root cause(s) of the errors, problems, or failure.

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Whatever the outcomes experienced for analysis errors or failures, it is valuable to identify the reasons why these happen. We have developed a four-leveled taxonomy for identifying the barriers to generating effective competitive analysis.  The four levels are as follows:

  1. The individual analyst
  2. The analysis task itself
  3. The organizational context within which the task is conducted
  4. The external environment in which the organization is ensconced

This paper provides insights as to the sources of failure and addresses in depth the four level model of analysis failures mentioned above.

We also provide a way for overcoming these barriers and improving performance though developing analytical fitness.


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